Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Return to Substitute Teaching

After ten years at home with my daughters, I have returned to the classroom as a substitute teacher.  I have truly enjoyed being in the classroom again.  I have been learning a lot from the classrooms that I have had the pleasure to visit and have really enjoyed working with the students.  Although I feel a little rusty, I have returned to the profession that I love with a growth mindset.  Although it has been eighteen years since I was a substitute, I quickly remembered the challenges of substitute teaching...no time to build relationships, lesson plans created by someone else, students struggling with change in the classroom and not being familiar with the daily routines for each individual classroom.  I feel like I am starting all over again in this profession.  Yet, I know this time things are different.  I have a wealth of background knowledge at my fingertips from my years as a classroom teacher and mom of three daughters. I am approaching each day as a learning experience.  I am ready to tackle these challenges.  I am quickly learning that there are less discipline problems when students are actively engaged in learning.  As I continue on my journey as a substitute teacher, I have set the following goals:
*  be flexible
*  embrace an open mind
*  reflect after each day
*  research strong instructional practices
*  smile as often as possible
*  believe in each student
*  focus on the positives!