Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Giant Leaf Pile

It is a tradition every fall.  This year we have been very busy.  I wanted to make sure we made the time to make a leaf pile.  We were home all day Sunday.  It was a sunny day so it was a perfect day for this task.

We all headed outside while our cat looked longingly from our window.  First, we walked around our yard looking for the area with the most leaves on the ground.  After careful inspection, we found the perfect location by our pond.  So we started.  We only have one large rake and one small rake for a family of five.  However, this was not a problem.  The girls shared the rake.  Their dad used a large broom and I used my hands and feet.  The leaf pile began to rise above the ground.

We used our youngest daughter as our measuring stick.  The pile was at her knees, then her waist and then her chest.  We then decided to get a large barrel to collect our leaves in and then dump them on top of the pile.  The pile continued to grow.  The leaves were reaching back up to the trees that they had fallen from.  It was the biggest leaf pile I had ever seen.  I had to get the tape measure. It was 56 inches tall.

Now it was time for the fun. We counted down...5,4,3,2,1...the girls ran and jumped into the giant pile of leaves.  They disappeared in the pile.  My husband and I joined in the fun and jumped into the pile also.  I was surrounded by smiles of delight.  In the busyness of everyday activities, we often forget the fun that we can have in nature.  It was a lovely afternoon to create family memories that I will treasure in my heart forever.


  1. Some of my fondest childhood memories were spent jumping in leaf piles at recess. I always tried to pick out the leaf pieces and stems from my cable knit tights before dismissal. It's not that my mother ever minded what I was doing though. Not sure why I did that, but your post is making me think about the why behind that action.

    Thanks for sharing this great fall memory with us!

  2. Such good times...that I miss so much! I love the crunch and the jump and the glee in our backyard. xo nanc

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing!