Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Since my oldest daughter started fourth grade, I have noticed some changes. It is bittersweet that she is growing up before our eyes.  A word that I keep thinking about lately is perserverance and this poem shares my thoughts:

Our oldest daughter
so filled with passion,
energy, laughter,
and a love for people.

I admire how you like to do things,
create, build,
make others laugh,
always try so hard
and are so considerate of others.

I remember vividly
your early arrival nine years ago,
how you couldn't wait to enter our world.
You showed us right away
your fighting spirit in the NICU .

I admire that you know what you want,
you like to do things on your own,
and there' no stopping you when
your mind is set on something

I hope you always keep your
loving kindness, curiosity, creativity
and desire to learn new things.
Always remember that...
it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them,
and never give up when things are hard.

Life is so much busier now
and I am often distracted with the never ending to do list
I hope that I can still find ways to show you that:
I love you always
and am so proud of who you are...
a gift that I will treasure each and every day


  1. As those children grow up before our eyes, they show us glimpses of the people they will be. It is obvious that this young lady has always been strong willed, creative and is destined to continue to make her way in this world/!

  2. What a beautiful message to your daughter! She sound like an amazing young lady. I love when you write . . .she knows what she wants, likes to do it on her own and there's no stopping her . . .love it!!!! I hope you shared this with her.