Tuesday, June 5, 2012



It is so difficult to know what path to follow.  I left teaching nine years ago when my oldest daughter was born prematurely.  I am extremely grateful for the time that I have been at home with my daughters.  I still have my elementary teaching certificate and continue to read professionally and keep abreast of current topics in education.  My husband works hard to support our family so that I can be a stay at home mother to our three daughters.  My youngest daughter just turned four years old.  She has one more year until she starts full day kindergarten.  Our initial plan was for me to stay home until all of our daughters were in school full time and then I would return to teaching.  However, the economy has thrown some kinks in our plans.  My husband lost his job a few years ago and is unsure of the future of his current employment.  Our taxes are higher and the cost of living keeps increasing.  Our food bill just keeps getting out of control never mind the price of gas.  The opportunities for teaching jobs is minimalistic and extremely competitive in this area as more and more districts are laying off instead of hiring teachers.  I worry about our financial future.  Do I wait one more year to start substitute teaching?  Or, do I put my daughter in a full time preschool (daycare), so I can start substitute teaching next year?  My daughter is extremely attached to me and is very anxious about attending preschool.  We also do not have a lot of choices for preschool in our rural community.  Thanks to the assistance of my parents, she will attend preschool next year regardless of whether I am working.  It just depends on whether it will be full or part time.  I love my daughters with all of my heart but I sincerely miss teaching.  I can't wait to return to the classroom.  On the other hand, I enjoy being a stay at home mother and feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity.  I have been a substitute teacher in the past and I understand the difficulties. Nonetheless, I hope with all my heart that I will be able to return to the classroom to follow my passion for teaching.  But there are so many questions.  How do I fill in this gap on my resume?  What is in the best interest of my family?  When is the best time to return to the profession that I love? How do I return to the classroom? Do I return to the inner city classroom or try to stay in our local community?  There are so many questions and it is so difficult to know which path to choose.


  1. Such challenging decisions about a path to choose. I hear all the things you know in your words and what you wish you knew! Good luck.

  2. When I have a huge decision to make I listen to my heart. I also try to be sure I keep in mind what is good for me . . . as well as others. As far a the "gap" there is no gap you have been doing the hardest job on earth...being a mom!!! Good luck with with your decision.

  3. Thank you for sharing your life in such an honest way. Your life reads like a dramatic novel. You are the author, and you can choose what the main character does. What motivates this woman who loves her children, and wants to share her love with a classroom. Will she choose the inner city, or the local community? Will she see her neighbor children at the park and encourage them in the classroom, or will she go into the inner city and inspire children there.
    Both results would be good, but what does the main character really want?
    I look forward to reading more chapters in your life :)

  4. So many of us teacher/Moms go through this. What I have decided is, there is no wrong choice. You have many paths before you. Your daughter will thrive if you stay at home; your daughter will thrive in preschool. You will enjoy going back into the work force; you will savor the time to be with your children and continue your independent study.
    It's hard to convince yourself that there is no wrong choice. I wish you luck and peace in your decision.

  5. That has to be the hardest decision a mother has to make. I had a few years off with my children, but because of financial issues I hadto return to teaching when my youngest was 2. I started part-time and gradually went to full time. I so missed being with him.
    You will know what will be best for your family.