Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Learning Fun: Rock People

The other day, my daughters and I created a fun learning experience.  We collected rocks of various shapes and colors in our yard.  We looked for rocks that were sharp, flat, bumpy, shiny, speckled and smooth.  We noticed some rocks were one color and others were muti-colored.  We found rocks that were special shapes like hearts, triangles, and ovals. We also found some rocks that we had saved from our trip to the beach.

My oldest daughter decided to make rock people and we all loved the idea so we joined in.  We glued googly eyes to some of our rocks.  We created other features with yarn and beading string.

We then named our rock friends:  Bob, Rocky,  Harold, Junie, Nora, and Sally.  Then the fun started!  We took them camping.  We gave them away as presents when we played Christmas Eve with our dolls.  We used them as prizes when we played raffle.  We created stories about our rock people. 

I think our rock people will have more adventures this summer.

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