Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Daughter's Smile


My Daughter's Smile

My sweet daughter
Often so hesitant and slow to warm up
Yet, every time you are in a performance
Your smile lights up the room

At the gymnastics show
Your smile was so big,
It radiated the happiness in your eyes

At the kindergarten show
Your smile was so genuine,
It flaunted the sweetness of your personality

At the circus show
Your smile was so adventurous,
It unveiled how much you like to have fun

I hope you learn
To show your smile
At all times...

Your smile is beautiful
Just like you!


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter. I hope you can share it with her someday so she can appreciate seeing herself through your eyes.

  2. I can almost see that smile now! She has so many opportunities to shine, and you have so many chances to bask in that glow. How wonderful!

  3. Your poem and your daughter's smiles brought a smile to my face and I could tell you were smiling the whole time you were writing.

  4. There's nothing better than seeing those smiles on your child's face! Your post made me smile. Thanks for sharing.