Wednesday, July 18, 2012


With a happy heart,
I walk over to the pool

My big toe dips in first,
Coolness on a hot day

I climb down the ladder,
the smooth cool water is calming

Excitement in my daughters' eyes,

Little arms splashing
bring a smile to my face

I dive into the water,
my worries are washed away

Gliding through the water
feels so powerful yet peaceful

As I rise to the surface,
feelings of hope and strength are revived

When I break through the water to the warm summer air,
I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to

Swimming helps me realize
that I am in control of my world

Everyday I must open my eyes and heart so that
I can make a difference in our world.


  1. Your poem would be a good partner to the one I posted on Wake Up and Write last week. I love the cleansing and empowering feeling of swimming too.

  2. The last couple of summers I have reconnected with my childhood experiences with swimming. As a family it has been a really good thing to spend more time at the pool (even though my slice this week highlights some of the frustrations my daughter has at lessons when pushed to try something new). I enjoyed reading through your eyes why swimming is so powerful.

  3. One summer routine I love is getting up for 6 a.m. water aerobics. It is such a peaceful way to start the day. Your poem makes me regret skipping class this morning. Thanks for this virtual swim. I'll think of this when I get my rear in gear tomorrow to refresh my spirit.