Monday, March 5, 2012

Favorite Books

Treasure Hunt for Girls [Book]

Here are our three favorite books this week. My three year old loves Treasure Hunt for Girls.  She not only loves to look for the pictures but she loves to make up her own stories to go along with each page. She begs me to play with her book each day and we just pretend we are inside  the book and make up stories.

Front Cover
My five year old loves Move Over, Rover!  by Karen Beaumont.  I have been looking for rhyming books and this has been a favorite for all of us.  We love the ending.

Please Write In This Book

I am always looking for books for my eight year old. She is a great reader at school but is not motivated to read at home. She will read Babymouse and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books at home but is not willing to broaden her horizons.  I found Please Write in This Book  by Mary Amato.  I started to read it to her one night. Two days later she surprised me by saying she finished the book and enjoyed it.  I love when that happens!


  1. I might have to find a copy of PLEASE WRITE IN THIS BOOK. It looks fun. :)

  2. So glad you were able to spark the interest of your daughter. It's so fun to read together.
    MHG at