Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indoor soccer

It was an early morning indoor soccer game. The score was 4 to 2. Our team was winning. The other team tried to score a goal but the goalie blocked it. They tried again and the goalie slid to the ball and got it. Once again, the other team tried to score and once again the goalie blocked it but there was another player. She kicked the ball towards the goal. The goalie went running towards the ball. I held my breath. The ball went through the goalie's legs and into the goal. Now the score was 4 to 3. There were still two minutes left in the game. The goalie is still smiling. It was the longest two minutes. The ball came back to the goal. But the goalie was quick and stopped it at the line. The ball was kicked at the goal again and the goalie got it with a smile. The ball went to the other end of the field. I looked at the clock. Thirty seconds left in the game. The ball stayed at the other end of the field. Twelve seconds left. The ball is still at the other end of the field. Buzzzz! The game is over. I looked and the goalie is jumping up and down in excitement. We won against the first place team!  The goalie ran to her teammates and the whole team was jumping up and down. I took a breath and began to ponder, "Why does my daughter want to be a goalie?"


  1. As I read this I could hear the announcer giving the play by play to the final seconds. Great ending!

  2. This did read just like an announcer. Made it easy to create a mental image, I even saw you hold your breath.