Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter's End

Cold days, dark dinners
Holiday greetings
Family gatherings
Time to Believe...

Hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows
Sledding, giggling down the hill
Snowmen, snow angels and igloos
Trees glistening...

Runny noses with kleenix everywhere
Wood stove burning
Heavy coats, hats and gloves
Inside games...

Snow is melting
Muddy driveways
Tiny buds appearing
Birds returning...

Afternoons swinging at the playground
After dinner walks with sunlight
Spring is almost here
New beginnings...


  1. Hot Chocolate with tiny Marshmallows are is my favorite! Pretty much the only good thing about cold weather.

  2. I love how you start out with winter and gradually shift toward the spring. I love hot chocolate, and it makes the cold all worth it... but the onset of spring is my favorite time. I'm always watching for the first hint of buds on the trees. I love that color.

  3. Lovely images, Kristen. Mud is certainly one of those signs of spring, and 'after dinner walks' makes me long for spring sooo much. I think the words 'time to believe' gave me the right clues -in a perfectly subtle way -to the structure and intent of this poem. Great slice!

  4. Yes, spring is coming. I love how your poem takes you from family to weather to activities to spring. Wonderful imagery.