Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Start of a Day

It happens every morning.  It starts around 5:00.  I feel the footsteps going up my back.  I roll over.  A little while later, I feel her presence.  Her soft fur is next to me.  With half asleep eyes, I see a cloud of white fur in front of me.  I open my eyes a little more and see two blue eyes....staring.  I close my eyes, hoping to sleep for a few more minutes.  But I feel her eyes...staring.  So, I get out of bed and walk down the stairs with a four legged shadow following me.  At the bottom of the stairs, she runs ahead to her favorite kitchen cabinet.  She stands and waits.  I open the door of the cabinet and grab a can of cat food.  I open the can and hear a loud "MEOW!".   "Sshh...everyone else is still sleeping," I say in a quiet voice.  She runs over to her place mat and looks up with hopeful eyes.  I place her food in her dish and we both are happy.  Now "my time"  begins with early morning yoga, coffee and reading.  This is the way I start my day.

1 comment:

  1. A lovely start to the day. I like the early morning hours...and you have a companion for them.