Friday, March 2, 2012


The phone rang at 5:54 yesterday morning.  No school!  We made banana crunch muffins for breakfast.  We then tackled our snow suits and headed outside.  The girls grabbed their sleds.  We ran outside to the hill.  The sleds would not move more than a few feet.  With disappointed faces, we realized that the snow was too slushy for sledding.  However, we discovered that we could make snowballs.  After a few snowball throws, we made a family of snowmen.  As I was all alone with our snow people, I realized that all three girls were waiting at the door to go inside.  I guess our play in the snow was already over.  Time for hot chocolate by the fire while we read Snowmen at Night and imagine what our snow people will be doing this evening.


  1. I am so envious and jealous of you. I live in southwest Ohio. We have had one of the least snowiest winters on record. I would love to get a call at 5:54, but I think the chances are dwindling by the day. Thank you for sharing how you spent your day!

  2. Such a cute snowman. :) My girls and I have had 8 snow days this winter, but the funniest thing is that only a couple of those days has there actually been snow! No snowmen for us.

  3. Love the "hair" on your snowperson ..

  4. I love how you were realized you were alone with the snow people. We so get into our work don't we! It reminds me how I love snow play as much as my kids. Thanks for sharing!