Thursday, March 1, 2012

My First Blog

     I have decided to jump into the blogging world and start my own blog.  I am very excited and nervous about blogging and starting the Slice of Life challenge.  As I think about this new opportunity, the word that keeps popping into my head this morning is "hope".
  • I hope to fill my blog with books, science experiences, arts and crafts, math activities, recipes, writing opportunities, and other activities and ideas that will benefit parents, teachers and children. 
  • I hope that I have enough to write about. 
  • I hope that others will be interested. 
  • I hope to start organizing my home with playful learning spaces. 
  • I hope that I can provide my daughters with a childhood full of joy, wonder and exploration. 
  • I hope that I can raise my girls to be resourceful, creative and independent. 
  • I hope that I can return to teaching when my youngest starts kindergarten. 
  • I hope that I can enjoy each moment of this "snow day" with my daughters cooking, sewing, reading and playing. 
  • I hope that my husband and daughters know that I love them unconditionally all of the time! 
Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I am off to make memories with my girls on our first snow day of the school year.


  1. Welcome to blogging and welcome to the Slice of Life. One goes nicely with the other ... I hope you find your voice and keep on writing.

  2. I hope...what a wonderful way to start. And isn't this what each of us is wishing, wanting, dreaming...that there is hope for us, for our words, for what we love.

    This, too, is my first blogging experience. I hope it goes well for all! Enjoy your snow day and the memories you will be making!

  3. Welcome! You wrote a great first post. AND if you look, it's already full of ideas you can write about in March. I started my blog last year and have never regretted beginning. It's my little time for me. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read you tomorrow!

  4. Welcome to blogging! I don't believe that you will have any trouble finding topics to write about this month. Your list is bursting with them. Great first post!

  5. I'm glad you've made an online space for your stories. Thanks for joining our challenge. It'll be fun to reflect on your list at the end of the month.
    Happy writing,