Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reading Goals

I have been reading a lot about the importance of setting reading goals for yourself and your students.  I have decided to make public my reading goals to see if it helps with embracing my goals this year.  My reading goals are...

1.  Read at least 200 books this year and keep track on Goodreads

2.  Read at least 20 professional books and dig deep into them

3.  Read at least 10 Newberry books

I have also decided to set reading goals with my daughters.  As I hope to return to the classroom next year, I do not currently have students to set goals with so I thought it would be good practice with my daughters.  My nine year old set a goal to read 10 books this month.  She has set this goal but now needs help with building stamina to achieve it.  I will research strategies to help her attain this month's goal.  I also want to help my first grader set reading goals.  She has struggled with learning to read but is beginning to take off.  I know if I ask her, she really wants to read chapter books.  I also know the importance of immersing struggling readers with just right books.  I find it very difficult to find just right books for her at the library. She has fallen in love with Danny books but they are too expensive for us to buy as our budget for books has decreased.  I will continue to research just right books for her level.  Finally, I am not sure how to set reading goals with my four year old. She loves books.  Any ideas?  I hope that by setting goals with my daughters I can help nurture their love of reading and books. I love this picture I came across on Twitter the other day...


  1. WOW! Your reading goal is admirable! Do you have any specific professional books already on your reading list?

    1. Thanks for commenting. I am currently reading Good to Great Teaching by Mary Howard. It is amazing. On my to be read list is In Pictures and In Words, The Cafe Book and How's It Going? On my to be reread list is Opening Minds and Teaching with Intention. On my to be purchased list is Number Sense Routines, Is That a Fact?, No More I'm Done, A Place for Wonder, About the Authors, and Book Love. Do you have any suggestions?