Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Noticings on a Cold Winter Morning

As I awake before my family members on a cold, winter morning, I notice...

darkness lingers longer in the morning,

a blanket of snow continues to cover our yard,

our family room is filled with evidence of living,

our cat is sitting on the step waiting patiently to play,

the clock is ticking away the time,

blankets provide warmth,

I am surrounded by words with books, notebooks, and my tablet by my side,

a pink castle is waiting to be filled with dreams,

my morning cup of coffee is comforting,

a young voice calls out, "Mommy!", and

new opportunities are waiting to be embraced!


  1. Sounds like a great place to be on a cold winter morning. My favorite line: our family room is filled with evidence of living. That is a home!

  2. Beautiful poem. The day is waiting to be embraced when you take it all in like you did this morning.

    BTW: my family room is filled with evidence of living! In fact, if a messy house and dirty floors are a sign of good parenting, then I'm winning an award this week. (Usually I'm much neater, but we've been sick for over a week over here.)

  3. I'm glad the pink castle waiting for dreams is there.

  4. Hmmm. Where did my comment go? I wrote one this morning because your view looked so much like mine! I must not have finished and published it - because it isn't here now. I took a picture from my porch and posted it on my site so you could see. mainelywrite.blogspot.com